July 20, 2016

How to kill your sugar cravings

It’s the sweet tooth that gets us right? Too many of us have the determination and diet we need to succeed, until it comes to the matter of sugar. Sweet tasting food and drink has a nasty little habit of being super addictive and that wouldn’t be a problem if it didn’t lead to us putting on weight or causing health problems. But it does and that means those cravings you get need to be overcome if you’re to get the fit and healthy body that you want.

We know it’s difficult to conquer those cravings though, so here are some tips to help you along the way:

No more in your hot drinks

There’s plenty of sugar out there in your diet, so see if you can wean yourself off needing it in your hot drinks. That goes for everything from that dash of syrup in your takeaway coffee to the teaspoon in your tea. If you can’t bear to drink tea and coffee without a sweet taste, try to move onto a sweetener like Stevia first and see if you can cope with that instead.

Drink plenty of water

Fizzy drinks contain lots of sugar – but so too do many fruit drinks. Switch these to water so that you can quench your thirst without the need for sugar. Bear in mind, too, that sometimes you can misread your body’s signals and think that you’ve had a pang of hunger when actually you’re just dehydrated and need some more water.

Healthy snacks

That latter point is important when it comes to avoiding raiding your stash of snacks at regular intervals throughout the day. However, when you do get a genuine hunger, you need to be armed with the right snacks that can refuel your body. Don’t turn to the all-too-easy chocolate bar or packet of biscuits or you’ll only feed your sugar craving. The rush of energy you get from this will soon wear off and you’ll be peckish again in no time. Try these ten healthy snack ideas instead to succeed.

Stick to ‘good’ sugars

Your body does need the energy from ‘sugar’ but you have to be smart and try to deliver it in a healthier way to avoid dangerous cravings. Natural sugars in fruit and vegetables are perfect to deliver the glucose your body needs and are much better for you than the refined sugars found in fizzy drinks and sweets.

It’s a treat, keep it that way

The way you treat sugary foods is important when it comes to keeping on top of those cravings. If you can see sweet foods and drinks as a treat to be enjoyed on rare occasions then you will stay in control. You need to develop the willpower required to be able to stay away from such treats outside of those special occasions. That can be tough, especially if friends and family members are encouraging you to eat the sorts of foods which are, undeniably, nice to eat. You need as much determination and effort here as you do in the gym. Stay strong to steer clear of the temptation of sugar.

With the right diet and some smart snacks, plenty of water, sugar free hot drinks and a strong mindset you can wrestle back control of those pesky sugar cravings.

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