January 6, 2016

10 Songs to Put on Your Workout Playlist

No proper workout is complete without a good soundtrack. You can set off with the best of intentions and map out an effective exercise routine on the best equipment, but there’s something to be said for a top tune to help you power through and up your performance levels.

Need some inspiration to get you pumped up and raring to go? Here’s our tips for ten of the very best workout music out there…

Here It Goes Again, Ok Go

This one deserves to make it on to the list based on the video alone (it’s here if you haven’t seen it https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dTAAsCNK7RA). If you and your friends can perfect the treadmill routine from the American alt-rock band then you’ll be right on track to achieving your fitness goals. It’s a good tune too.

Lose Yourself, Eminem

Some gym songs help you sustain your momentum once you’ve got going, others get you in the right mindset for a burst of physical activity. This 2002 song, from the soundtrack to 8 Mile, falls into the latter camp and is bound to get your pulse racing.

Get Ur Freak On, Missy Elliott

A highly addictive bhangra backdrop and a high tempo make Missy Elliott’s 2001 hit perfect to help get your pace up.

Move Your Feet, Junior Senior

One hit wonder Danish duo Junior Senior came up with this super catchy dance number back in 2003, and it’s still worth a spin in the gym now.

Call On Me, Eric Prydz

If it’s good enough for the 1980s-inspired gym-clad dancers in the video to work out to Eric Prydz’s 2004 hit, then it’s good enough for you.

Levels, Aviici

A catchy beat, good use of an Etta James sample and 128 bpm tempo can’t fail to push you on as you power through the push ups.

Hideaway, Kiesza

Canadian dancer-turned-songstress Kiesza’s debut single from 2014 is incredibly catchy and perfect to get your feet moving to. Bang it on to get through your cardio routine.

Shake It Off, Taylor Swift

It’s literally impossible to ignore the country princess-turned-pop-megastar at the moment and her 2014 hit is perfect to inject some fun into your workout playlist.

Applause, Lady Gaga

Sports psychologists have looked at the science behind what makes a good workout song and which tunes work at different times. They reckon Gaga’s 140bpm 2013 hit is perfect to stick on during some high intensity cardio. (They also pick out Ellie Goulding’s Burn, for example, as ideal for your warm down tune).

Gravity, DJ Fresh ft Ella Eyre

At 154 bpm this 2015 hit has got the speed you need to help you pick up the pace just as you’re flagging. Crank it up and power through to the finish.


Don’t rule out the remix. If you love an artist that has a penchant for a slower number, search them out on Spotify. Acts such as Years & Years and Ellie Goulding have had their work remixed into high octane workout-friendly numbers.

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