October 26, 2015

17 Healthy Alternatives to the Foods That Are Letting Your Diet Down

If you’re looking to achieve the fit and strong body that you want, then there are two key elements – your workout and your diet. It’s easy to focus on the first and presume that you can power your way to a better body. But hard work with the weights alone is not enough and you shouldn’t be fooled into thinking the two elements are not related.

Your diet fuels your workout – and assists you in your activity. The right fuel helps your muscle to build and repair and gives you the stamina to push further and harder and you progress towards your goal.

But getting the right diet can be tough. At Fysiqal, we recommend using supplements to top up the nutrients that your body needs to be able get a good, balanced diet. It is, however, important that these supplements back up and enhance a good, healthy eating regime.

With that in mind here’s 17 ideas of foods that could jeopardise your efforts… and what to replace them with in order to get a healthier alternative:

  1. Almond milk is a great alternative to traditional milk. Some might tell you to ‘trade down’ to a lower fat alternative such as skimmed or semi skimmed milk, but for maximum effect try this.
  2. Brown rice is a sensible switch for white rice. There’s no noticeable drop in the flavour or make up of your meals and instead you’ll obtain energy over a slower release.
  3. Enjoy eating bacon? Switch to turkey bacon for a lean mean fix.
  4. Ditch your lunch time sandwiches and pop your filling into a whole wheat pitta.
  5. Alternatively if you’re looking to ditch the bread entirely from your sandwich or burger, why not encase your filling in a lettuce leaf?
  6. Remove the mayo from your life by utilising the fibre-rich alternative of avocado.
  7. Rustle up a batch of protein brownies and have these as a low-fat alternative treat that is good for you and helps to boost your protein intake.
  8. Kick your addiction to your favourite bag of sweets and replace them with fruit or nuts.
  9.  Can’t do without a bag of crisps? Replace them with rice cakes – there are all sorts of tasty flavours to suit your taste.
  10.  Still thinking about snacks? Perhaps you like a mid-afternoon chocolate bar? Switch it for a bag of low fat, low salt air-popped popcorn.
  11.  Addicted to peanut butter? Many people pop a spoon of this into their smoothies but try adding almond butter instead for a healthier alternative.
  12.  Similar to the advice on bread and rice, wholemeal pasta is a lower calorie, long-lasting alternative to regular pasta.
  13.  Frozen banana, when puréed, can actually be a delicious and nutritious alternative to ice cream.
  14.  Breakfast bars are the at-work early snack of choice for so many people, but they are not great for us. Instead cram fruit and spinach into a tasty mid-morning smoothie.
  15.  Which reminds us, no matter what you normally pop in your lunch time pitta, make sure you accompany it with some tasty spinach.
  16.  Like a tasty dollop of sour cream to top off a recipe or on your jacket potato? Switch it for a similar sized dollop of natural, low fat Greek yoghurt.
  17.  Chips are no longer for you. Forget about them and think instead about rustling up a superb batch of sweet potato wedges. Work out your favourite seasoning for maximum flavour power.

These ideas are just a start but they show how, line by line, you can go through your regular intake of food and replace the items you consume with healthier alternatives.

Top up the diet with supplements to get the right balance and you’ll find your workout is much more successful.

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