January 25, 2017

7 ways to flavour unflavoured protein

The plain taste of whey protein can be difficult to stomach for some, especially first thing in the morning or after a tough work out when all you want is something sweet or loaded with carbs. Instead of giving into your temptations why not just disguise your protein drink as a tasty smoothie or get your protein intake from some exiting protein pancakes? Here are a few ideas to get you started.


1. Add Fruit

We’ll start with a simple idea just to make your whey protein more drinkable. Using the same amount of water with your Fysiqal protein powder as you would normally, simply add a handful of your favourite kind of fruit and blend. You’ll make it taste instantly better and get one of your five-a-day at the same time. So easy but so effective.


2. Mashed Potato

So, it’s a bit of a step up from adding fruit but this recipe from Livestrong had to make the list. If you need some comfort food that’s still healthy then all you need to do is combine your unflavoured whey protein with peeled red-skinned or Yukon Gold potatoes. All it takes is a peeler and a knife, a pan and some boiling water. Peel the potatoes, chop them up and chuck them in the boiling water over a medium heat. Once you can stick a fork in them easily, take them off the heat and strain the water. Then, using a fork (you don’t need to buy a masher although it may help) mash up the potato combined with your measure of Fysiqal whey protein.


3. Add Milk

Not a fruit fan and trying to cut down on your sugar? Then add milk and turn your whey protein into a milk shake. The fat in milk is good for you, unless you’re lactose intolerant of course. If you wanted, you could even add flavoured Nesquik milkshake powder to the milk and whey protein and suddenly you have an exciting flavoured milkshake with all of the added benefits of Fysiqal’s protein.


4. Bread Rolls

Maybe you’re craving some of the doughy goodness of bread but you know it’s a bad idea for your body? Well, this is the solution and packs in your unflavoured whey protein powder too. The Metro recommends you create your bread rolls using sweet potatoes, an egg, Fysiqal protein powder, rolled oats, brown rice flour, coconut flour and some garlic salt. The full recipe is on their website but you might need to go shopping first as not everyone has a ready supply of coconut flour in their cupboard.


5. Easy Pancakes

Protein pancakes are the easiest, but still impressive, breakfast to make. Due to the properties of Fysiqal’s protein powder, all you need to do is add water by the spoonful until your protein powder looks like a pancake batter, then, to add some more excitement you can add an egg or two, a banana and some baking powder to make them extra fluffy. For more specific instruction you will find these showstoppers on Willow Bird Baking’s blog.


6. Porridge

You can create porridge just as you would by adding water and milk to oats, but throw in your Fysiqal whey protein powder too and heat up to enjoy a wholesome tasty breakfast. To stop the mixture getting clumpy make sure you add the powder to the water first – then add that to your oatmeal mixture. You can also add fruit to porridge to make it more exciting.


7. Pizza

Yes, you read that right, pizza. Legion Athletics points out that you can build a really tasty pizza using your plain whey protein powder. Start with almond flour with a scoop of whey protein and you’re able to get a grain-free base without any white flour. To get the full recipe and ideas for toppings, visit the Legion Athletics blog.

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