September 20, 2016

The 8 questions you are fed up of being asked when people find out you lift

Is weight lifting part of your regime? Good choice. It’s a great way to boost your power and enhance the strength of your body.

We’d like to hazard a guess that not everyone says that to you though. In fact, we bet there are a host of questions you’re forever having to field from non-lifters who just don’t understand.

Don’t worry, we understand. Here are eight tired myths that we’re sure you have to address too…

Why are you doing that?

This is probably the first thing that you will get. Too many people presume weight lifting is just for people who are competing for Olympic medals or gearing up for the World’s Strongest Man competition. They understand jogging or hitting the gym for the basics, but think weight lifting to be an odd move. They’re wrong of course. You know that it’s great for you muscles, bones, body fat, flexibility and confidence.

Aren’t you going to look really bulky/big?

Muscle is actually much denser than fat so you might well look slimmer as the result of your weight lifting efforts. That’d shock them wouldn’t it? Just because you’re lifting, it doesn’t mean that you’ll be strutting about like a WWE wrestler.

Isn’t that a bit dangerous?

People fear the unknown so if they don’t ‘get’ weight lifting they fear that too. You’re more likely to get injured playing sports and just as likely to come unstuck using any of the equipment at your local gym.

Can we see your muscles?

Because you lift, it’ll be assumed that you’re ripped. For some reason some people think that makes it ok to gawp at – or worse still, prod – your muscles. Feel free to resist.

Are you ‘on something’?

Yep, it’s a sad fact that too many people presume you’re ‘on something’ because you can lift. More fool them for not understanding how you can reach your full athletic potential through a good diet and the smart use of safe supplements.

Isn’t that just for men?

This is one that female lifters are bound to come across. Sadly, we still live in a world that hasn’t moved beyond gender stereotypes. There’s absolutely no reason that women shouldn’t lift weights as part of a well-rounded workout regime.

What can you bench press?

If they’re a little more polite, people might well ask you this. Be prepared to see them glaze over when you actually give them a proper answer that they don’t really understand. At least they tried.

Isn’t it boring?

If you put the right level of of attention and effort into lifting, then there’s absolutely no reason to get bored. If you’re working towards a goal and focused on the technical aspects of the exercise, it can be a stimulating and rewarding pursuit and your time will fly by. All exercise could be boring if you don’t approach it with the right mindset. Just smile and tell them it isn’t – it’s easier.

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