October 25, 2016

How accurately do you know the calories in your healthy snacks?

Every fitness regime needs to be fuelled by the right diet – the food and drink that keeps your body going throughout the day.

We’ve written before about the virtue of healthy snacks. These are the items that you can keep on your desk at work and turn to to keep you going between meals. Yet, while these snacks provide a broad range of nutrients that can maintain a balanced diet, do you know how many calories they contain?

It’s a good idea to know, as a rule of thumb, the calorific content of these healthy snacks, especially if you are working towards a slimmer physique.


This is a popular healthy snack, but how many of us actually know how many calories are in a banana? Clearly size matters but, as a rough estimate, a small banana contains about 90 calories, a medium 100-105 and a large banana contains about 120-125 calories.


An apple a day might keep the doctor at bay, but how many calories does it contain? While there might be many different varieties of apple to enjoy as a snack, the calorific value doesn’t alter too much. Expect an apple to contain in the region of 50 calories per 100g.

Portion of nuts

A sensible portion of nuts can be a great snack to help you power through a long list of work in an afternoon. A 30g serving of nuts will deliver a different amount of calories, depending on what your preferred snack is made up of. Chestnuts are best – at just 60 calories per 30g serving. The same amount of cashews would be about 160 calories, almonds and peanuts would both be about 175.


Sushi is often seen as a healthy treat but there are different types – and it’s worth bearing in mind that your selection will alter just how healthy your treat really is. Avocado rolls are just 140 calories a piece while fish based rolls, containing salmon for example, can be about three times that amount.

Light cheese

Do you struggle to live without cheese? We don’t blame you. But what about lighter cheeses? Will they give you your fix without taking up too many of your daily allowance of calories? One light Babybel – perfect for a packed lunch – is just 43 calories.

Greek Yoghurt

Greek yoghurt is a great low-fat choice – and its healthy credentials are backed up by the fact that it only contains about 60 calories per 100g. That means it contains about half the calories of a non-fat fruit yoghurt.

Dark chocolate

Dark chocolate may be better for you than the milk variety, but it still contains a fair amount of calories. At about 500-600 per 100g, you’ll need to make sure you don’t let your sweet tooth get the better of you.

Wasabi peas

This snack is packed with protein and fibre and has grown in popularity over the last few years. As with nuts, you’ll want to be careful with your portion sizes. Wasabi peas contain roughly 10 calories per 10g, so a nice 30g portion won’t contain much more than 30 calories.

Clearly you shouldn’t just judge how healthy a food item is by the number of calories it contains – you need to consume a balanced range of nutrients to ensure you have the best diet. But it is important to keep an eye on your calorie count and know exactly the value of the items you consume, especially when it comes to snacks that just need to fill up a gap.

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