January 14, 2016

Guide to a Home Workout

Not everyone has the time or money needed to sign up for a keep fit regime at the gym. But that doesn’t mean you have to end your fitness ambitions, far from it. There are a great many things you can do to shed the pounds from within your own four walls.

Done properly, a home workout can be highly effective in helping you to achieve your health goals. Here’s our guide to some of the things to consider to ensure your home workout is indeed ‘done properly’…


You need to pick a room with a decent floor space to do the bulk of your workout in. Invest in a mat if you’ve got a hard floor and steer clear of any low hanging light fittings! Don’t forget that you can use elements of your home to your advantage – with stools and stairs proving handy for stretching and cardio work.


If you’re in your home then you can set the agenda. Pick up fitness DVDs that suit your goals and you’ll benefit from having your own instructor on tap. Most modern TVs are also able to stream YouTube videos and the site is awash with handy tutorials that you could also follow. If you fancy something a little different, why not try one of the console games released for the Xbox, PS4 or WiiU? These can be a fun way to keep you motivated.


Just because you aren’t in the gym it doesn’t mean you don’t have to dress the part. Sports gear will help to give you the right support as you work out. Also, getting the right gear on will be important for getting you in the fitness mindset.


At a basic level you’ll need a set of weights and probably a mat, but you might well wish to consider investing in further fitness equipment too. Exercise bikes and cross trainers are fairly affordable and can replace the work you’d otherwise do on gym equipment. Some people even have the space and budget to make their own mini gym room using different equipment. If you’ve got the space then choosing the right equipment is vital to making best use of it.

Right timing

If you’re a busy parent, for example, then you’ll need to plan your workout sessions to avoid times when you’re likely to be distracted or interrupted. One of the great benefits of working out at home is its flexibility, don’t lose that through poor planning.


When you go to the gym it’s easy to presume that your workout starts and ends at the front door. The beauty of working out at home is that you shouldn’t get sucked into thinking that way. Your diet is vitally important to provide the right fuel for an effective regime. Getting a good balance of nutrients, backed up by the smart use of supplements, will help you to achieve this and with the kitchen just through the door you’ve got all the tools you need to put this together properly.


Sit ups, push ups, and plank stretches will all be a vital part of your regime. Make sure you build in the right blend of strength, abs and cardio work to give a well rounded and effective workout. This is where DVDs or web tutorials can prove handy in giving you the structure you might otherwise miss outside of the gym.

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