January 2, 2016

The Secret to Fitness Success: How to Boost Your Metabolism

There’s a missing factor in many people’s weight-loss regimes. They focus on the food and drink that they consume and the exercise they undertake but ignore an important link: their metabolism.

Your metabolism is the rate at which your body burns through calories – and it is crucial to keep up the pace with the change you want to see.

You need to bear in mind that the food and drink you consume and your lifestyle can also impact on your metabolism and if you make the wrong choices and cause this to slow up your efforts will all be in vain.

Here’s some top tips to make sure your metabolism keeps up with the pace:

Breakfast is non-negotiable

When people say that skipping breakfast is a bad idea, they’re right. You need your body to wake up and begin the day on the right footing. Running on empty won’t work and, in fact, it’s more likely that you’ll be overweight if you don’t eat breakfast. A decent yoghurt or equally nutritious alternative will set you off nicely.

Don’t starve yourself

Breakfast is important – so too is a steady supply of fuel to get you through the day. Starving yourself is completely counter-productive – it causes your body to slow down your metabolism and store up fat. It’s the biggest mistake you can make and it’s why eating less really isn’t the route to weight loss.

Little and often

On that note then, it’s important to spread your intake of food and drink throughout the whole day. Take in three balanced nutritious meals and build on that with the right sort of snacks during the day. You want a good balance of the right nutrients and need to make sure, for example, that you have the right amount of fuel for your exercise regime. Top up your diet with the sensible use of supplements to help take in elements that you’d struggle to get from food and drink alone.

H20 is the right formula

Water alone will not necessarily speed up your metabolism on its own, but other drinks do have the capacity to slow it down. Drink lots of water to ensure you are hydrated (sometimes hunger pangs are your body’s way of crying out for water) and you’ll ensure you quench your thirst in a way that won’t slow your body down.

Ditch the booze

While we’re on the subject of drink, booze is out. Sorry, but alcoholic beverages are packed with unnecessary calories and your body will burn this away instead of fighting that fat you want to shift.

Pick the right fats

Don’t be lulled into thinking fat is inherently bad. It’s not. In fact, it’s essential to get the right balance in your diet and keep that metabolism up. You need to consume plain nuts and oily fish aplenty – not chocolate bars and burgers.

Iron things out

Iron helps to carry oxygen that your muscles need to get your fitness levels up. A lack of iron means low energy and stuttering metabolism. Get leans meats, beans and spinach on your weekly shopping list so you don’t miss out.

Vary your workout

Provide your body with the right balance of strength and cardio work to get a well-rounded regime that will match your balanced diet and foster a fully-functioning level of metabolism.

Active life, active metabolism

Keep your body active throughout the day – whether that’s stretches at your office desk or regularly taking a short walk away from the office. Basically, don’t allow yourself to sit still all day, concentrating exercise into a short sharp workout. A more active all-round day is important.

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