February 13, 2016

Why Everyone Needs Peanut Butter in their Life

One thing that most people get wrong about their diet is that they presume it’s all about denying yourself things. In this view you feel the food you enjoy has to go out of the window in favour of the stuff that is good for you. That’s wrong. If you think of a diet in this way you’re bound to resent it and fall off the wagon.

A good diet is not about punishing your body, far from it. It’s about giving it all of the essential nutrients it needs to function and, yes, that does include some of the sweet stuff that you enjoy as a treat. Peanut butter is one such treat that can be an important and valuable part of your balanced diet. It’s not just a treat either; peanut butter has great nutritional value.

Peanut butter contains protein and fibre, meaning that it has a good chance of keeping you fuller for longer when you spread it on your toast or sandwiches. In two tablespoons of peanut butter you’ll typically get 7g of protein and 2g of fibre. A longer lasting energy boost should keep you full until meal times and ease those cravings, helping to aid weight loss if this is your goal.

Good fat
A balanced diet should be your aim and that means a little something of everything, including fats. Peanut butter is a good source of the right sort of unsaturated fat that is actually good for your heart.

Packed with plenty of goodies
Want to get the antioxidant Vitamin E, magnesium for your bones, potassium for your muscles and B6 to boost your immunity all into your diet? Of course you do. All of these and more (there’s a little bit of zinc in there) are contained in a tasty serving of peanut butter.

Use it to enhance your snack
One of the best things about peanut butter is that it is pretty flexible. From spread onto a slice of toast to an ingredient in a batch of cookies, part of a warming soup recipe or dipped onto a slice of apple, there are a great many ways to get this into your diet.

Make the right choice
You have to be careful, though. Not all peanut butters have the same health value and low fat options, for example, might well be worse for you as they contain less of the goodness that you’re looking to tap into with the healthy fats.

In essence, natural is best. These have peanuts as their main ingredient and are less likely to be packed with artificial ingredients while also containing less sugar. Natural brands also contain less sodium, which can mask the taste.

So there we have it. Peanut butter and guilt don’t go together. It can help keep you fuller for longer, deliver the right sort of healthy fats into your balanced diets and supply a raft of essential nutrients while being flexible enough to be able to be consumed in a variety of great ways.

Add this into your diet and prove that your healthy lifestyle is enjoyable too.

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