March 4, 2016

Why turkey mince is the best meat for you

The poor old turkey gets a bit of a raw deal doesn’t it? We happily bung one in the oven for Christmas but for the rest of the year it’s largely seen down the pecking order (no pun intended) behind chicken and beef.

But should that be the case? It’s time to take a step back and embrace the benefits of getting turkey in your diet. Specifically, we’re going in to bat to make the case for turkey mince – a healthy, tasty and flexible meat that can deliver plenty of goodness.

Nutritional value
Firstly, consider the qualities of the meat itself. Turkey mince is super low in fat, calories and cholesterol – three things you should be eager to avoid in excess quantities and that can be hard to avoid when eating meat. It’s lower in saturated fat than its beef mince counterpart and has plenty of sodium and protein to help you power through your workout.

So, now we’ve established its healthy credentials, what next? Well, the greatest thing about turkey mince is the many great ways you can build it into your diet.

Consider the following three turkey mince meal ideas:

Burgers: You might think burgers are off the menu when you’re following a fitness regime, but that’s not the case if you use turkey mince to make your own. Pop it together with some soy sauce, onions, herbs and breadcrumbs – maybe spices if you need a little kick – and shape into patties to make lean and mean burgers. Try this recipe here and experiment from there. Serve with sweet potato wedges for a great alternative to burger and fries.

Meatballs: If burgers aren’t your thing – or you’re in the mood for something to pop alongside your pasta – then meatballs are the way forward. They are pretty similar to the burgers to make, although we’d recommend using plenty of herbs for a real taste boost. This recipe from BBC Good Food is a decent example of how to make them and should deliver the desired results.

Chilli: Once you’ve got some super lean turkey mince in your basket you are merely some passata, kidney beans, herbs and spices away from rustling up a great chilli dish. Here’s a pretty simple-to-follow recipe that should be a treat for your taste buds.

Lasagne: If you’re not careful this delicious dish can be a real diet breaker. Turkey mince can be a key part of a healthy recipe that ensures lasagne can still be a part of your life while following a healthy regime. Why not, as this recipe shows, pair it with spinach, wholewheat lasagne sheets and light cheese? You’ll be sacrificing on fat and calories but not on the taste.

These four suggestions are far from exhaustive. Have a search around the internet and you’ll see that there are plenty of ways to encompass this meat into your meals. It’s this flexibility, paired with its near-flawless nutritional credentials, that help make it the best meat for you and worth a place in your weekly shopping trolley.

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